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"We help everyday individuals build wildly successful digital strategies."

Nationally recognised qualification to power any Digital Small Business.

Build a complete digital platform for your business.

...and receive a Nationally Recognised Qualification!

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology. 

Gain The Knowledge & Skills Required To Build Your Entire Online Presence.

Build a Business Plan & Strategy

Create Omni-Channel Marketing

Utilise Organic & Paid Advertising

Engage using social media tools

Our Training Strategy for Success

Starting on: 24 August 2020
Flexible face-to-face or virtual coaching every week


Milestone 1: Your Business Map

1. Develop your unique niche market and product & service suite offering;
2. Complete market research and competitive analysis;
3. Build your ideal customer avatar;
4. Articulate your brand strengths, core values, and purpose;
5. Build your brand promise & ultimate brand pitch; and
6. Create your financial budget & identify your key metrics for success.


Milestone 2: Omni-Channel Digital Assets

1. Utilise software for your digital images;
2. Create video assets & design visual components for web and social media;
3. Use social media tools & marketing for collaboration and engagement;
4. Understand blogging & content creation; &
5. Explore online advertising, affiliate and email marketing.


Milestone 3: Website Creation

1. Create a business website;
2. Update, review & maintain a website;
3. Install, optimise operating system software & run standard diagnostic tests;
4. Create your own web-to-lead strategy using a landing page; &
5. Create links & add interactivity.


Milestone 4: SEO and Google Analytics 

1. Install tracking code on your website;
2. Understand high-level metrics & analyse visitor and traffic source reports;
3. Select and compare data sets, track Adwords and other marketing campaigns;
4. Utilise segmentation for deeper analysis; &
5. Acquire recommendations & use automation strategies to optimise exposure & lead conversion.

Meet your Business Strategy Team

Supporting Your Dream To Be Self-Employed

My passion is to help everyday small business owners build wildly successful digital strategies to achieve their own definite of purpose with peace of mind.

Academic Specialisation: Behavioural Neuroscience; Clinical Psychology; Motivational Psychology; Neuro-Linguistic Programming; Psycho-Cybernetics; Digital Developer

With a professional career spanning over 20 years in The Westpac Group, Tanya designed & implemented proven high-performance outcomes for teams & retail business units.
Tanya has achieved some of the highest levels of management in the Banking, Finance & Pharmaceutical industries.
Tanya has also started & scaled her own ”Wildly Successful Digital Business” in training & consultancy.

Having managed over a billion dollars in home loans, & knowing what it takes to build the second largest Mortgage Choice franchise in Australia from the Sunshine Coast, Linda is the person you need to create long-lasting business success.

Linda and her partner have also developed a business providing back-end loan administration for mortgage brokers and helped transform businesses all around Australia.

You may be eligible for Government Funding.

*R.I.G.H.T. Digital is one of seven programs that make up
the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work 

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